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  1. BulletDo you have renovation projects that require accurate As-built information?

  1. BulletDo you need to know the location of structural members, electrical devices, HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems?

  1. BulletDo you have the budget, personnel and time to send a team of staff members to verify this information in the field and prepare AutoCAD As-built drawings? Do you really?

As our economy is driving your production service and your staff is limited, no wonder your deadlines are being challenged.  Of course, your budget is being stressed. You may be using over qualified staff for tedious jobs that consume budget.


                                                        STOP JUGGLING!!!


                                                        LET US DO IT.     


                                                                  -Leon Hampton   




Let our services provide you with a quality product while maintaining your project deadlines at a fraction of the cost. By outsourcing the above "Pre-Design" services, you can save time and money, and possibly shift this cost to the owner.

  1. BulletWe have the experience and we know what you need to see and how to get it for you, from a company that specializes in measuring.

  1. BulletWe can provide the information in AutoCAD electronic format within a timely manner.

  1. BulletWe can do as much or as little as needed. The amount of detail will vary and so too would the cost.

  1. BulletThis offer may also be third party contract, responsible directly to the client or building owner.

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